dandruff eminatating from beard and/or facial hair
Gross, your beardruff is flaking into your cereal.
by Sarah Jo April 9, 2006
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Like dandruff, but for your beard/goatee.
Shit man you got some bad beardruff there, you should like moisturise or something
by veridis August 30, 2005
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The white specks all over the front of dark shirts when a person has dry skin and an itchy beard.
"Yuck...look at that beardruff on that guy, Ace"
by Beardruffian August 16, 2009
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Similar to dandruff, except coming from the beard, usually only noticable when wearing darker clothing. Caused from dry skin, not enough beard oil, conditioner or moisturizer to the face, neck area.
Man, look at my shirt, I'm covered in beardruff!!!
by Cnich68 May 24, 2023
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