When you go out looking for some slut to sleep with, and all you can find is the fat chick... you bring her home anyway and fuck her. It's not until the next morning that you realize what she looks like, and you're sorry you did it with her, 'cus now your roomates can give you shit for being a "bear hunter".
Your Roommate: So, I saw that chick leaving this morning.... you went bear hunting last night, didn't you?
by Clasik July 23, 2005
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Term used for drinking 40 oz. Big Bear malt liquor.
My homies and me went bear hunting last weeekend and went through a case of 40's.
by neliam May 25, 2007
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An annual event celebrated by homosexuals. It is a "hunt" for butch, or muscular men to engage in sex with. This event can be witnessed in such places as San Francisco, California, or Province Town Massachusetts.
Those faggots are having a bear hunt at the football game.
by Snicker Tits January 26, 2009
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When a group of guys strip down to their boxers and cover themselves in war paint and run throughout the woods at night with a rock over their heads trying to kill a bear.
Come on Aaron, lets go on a bear hunt in those woods.
by Joseph Sherlock December 17, 2007
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when theres a kid so big on your football team that u have to point that out to him.
Matulich, you're big enough to go bear hunting with a switch!!! now get angry!
by PeteMat February 06, 2009
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