An acronym for Bareback Full Service. A term generally used within online escort/prostitution communities to refer to unprotected (condomless) vaginal sex with a prostitute. The term also encompasses unprotected anal sex, and is sometimes used to describe non-prostitute (civilian) sexual encounters as well. Considered the holy grail by some Johns(customers), and frowned upon (at least publicy) by others. Most mongers (another word for John) are guilty of bbfs at least several times in their lives.
In the heat of the moment, I jammed my dick in the prostitute bareback without a condom and came in her pussy. After the bbfs, I got tested, and luckily I came out negative for STDs.
by John Monger September 21, 2010
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Escort slang, means BareBack full service, no condom.

Maaan...yo mama gave me tha sickest bbbj!
Maaan...yo mama gave me tha sickest bbfs!
by Alexus October 11, 2004
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Bbf means boy best friend. Your boy best friend is a boy you can trust as much and you can trust your girl best friends. You go to him for advice about boys and he goes to you for advice about girls.

You both deep down inside love each other

Having a bbf means you can be in a relationship and that not be cheating. It’s friends with benefits really. Bbf can meet your parents bc it’s not your boyfriend. To keep the bbf boundaries don’t try to have a relationship. Unless you both agree to take it farther than friends.
Girl bestie: “ I need me a boy to talk to but I don’t want a relationship”

Other girl bestie: “you need you a bbf. You need one you can trust. And love without catching feelings”
by Itty bitty July 10, 2017
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Best Bros Forever-variation on the BFF (Best Friends Forever) used for females; reserved for that one dude that can be counted on when no one else can.
"Malcolm bailed me outtta jail AGAIN this weekend--that's my BBF for real!"
by cnodaddy March 20, 2009
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BBF - Acronym used in the sex industry meaning Bare Back Fuck or Bare Back Fucking. Intercourse without protection. No condom. Skin on Skin contact.
Bill: Hey man, I saw that escort from Craig's list yesterday. She let me BBF her.

Ted: You idiot.
by Violated1 November 17, 2010
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BBF stands for Bestest Best Friend. It is a special term used only to describe those whom you trust with your every secret and private thoughts. To become awarded the title BBF is to completely earn the trust of giver of that title. BBF's are inherently perfect. Those titled BBF's can have no flaws.
"I'm so stressed for mid-terms! I should call out my BBF!"

"I was so smashed last night, I would have been unable to go home if it weren't for my BBF!"

"Fuck man, why can't everyone in the world be as good looking as my BBF?"
by MangoCinnamon October 11, 2011
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Big Bald Fuck. An annoying piece of shit that lives in your house and is a narcissistic cunt. He steals your shit. He is a resource-sink. NaCl
Man, I hate that BBF.
by Billy Bob Sha January 25, 2008
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