An abbreviation for Bitch Bitch, they always love guzzling sweet delicious cream down their throats.
"I can't wait to get this sweet delicious cream down my throat" - BB
by Oilfire30 January 14, 2018
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Belligerent Bitch. It's the bitch that is at the party wasted, falling over, making out with random people, and yelling. She is out of control and typically breaks 1-2 bottles of alcohol. A BB can be a one night thing but if you act like this more than once the nickname BB will stick. BBs are generally fun to watch as long as you are not responsible for them.
by thatswhatsup10 November 18, 2010
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A shortened form for "BlackBerry".

Pronounced "bee bee", even when talking in Spanish.
My friends tell me to hurry and get a BB so we can chat on BB messenger.

Searching for "BB" on Wikipedia will take you to a disambiguation page that lists BlackBerry as one of its meanings.
by lead_diag.rnd() August 13, 2010
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Big Boy, a large male. Can be muscular or simply large.
Wow that BB ate all of the steak at the buffet
by Tdog79 December 13, 2014
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Short for baby. ;)

Simone Katherine Adams actually made this up! :D
"Are you coming round today bb?"

"Are you coming round today baby?"


"Bb pass me my drink please!"
"Baby pass me my drink please!" ...

"You look stunning today bb!"
"Thanks bb"
"You look stunning today baby!"
"Thanks baby"

You could also use "bby", "bubby", "baybee", "beebee"

To a boyfriend/girlfriend or to a friend/bestfriend. :D
by SimoneAdams April 03, 2011
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