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This word comes from the Burmese ( Chin) language.
Personality: cocky, self centered, outgoing, considered, caring, unexpected
He's the Bawi. (aka. He's the King.)
by fondlebawi November 03, 2015
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Pronunced: Bow-e

The name Bawi comes from a country in Asia. Bawi loves to sing but cant sing, talented and has played instruments! She is so funny and isnt afraid to do what she wants.Bawi is ruled by love and feels to be appreciated. Bawi loves being social but at times very Independent and likes to alone. Bawi is very beautiful and knows her style. She loves to show skin because she is proud of her body. When Bawi laughs it makes everyone smile! Is emothional but you hardly see her cry. Bawi hates argument and is the one to end it.
Person 1:Who is that girl with alot of skin showing?

Person 2: Thats Bawi!
by Tanishajoe April 23, 2018
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A mother. Parent figure, mostly female.
Bawi please make me breakfast.

A: I have a strange fever?
B. Better go ask Bawi, she'll get you right again.
by Muzi_Rocketeer March 22, 2016
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Pronounce: Bow-e
Bawi is a name that comes from a country in Asia. Bawi is veary social and likes being with friends but at times loves to be alone and independent. When you meet Bawi, she sings alot but doesnt admit she is a good singer. She is veary talented and has played instruments. Bawi is veary hyped and likes to play around alot. When Bawi laughs it makes everyones day better. She has a great taste in fashion and knows what is good for her. Bawi has a nice thic body and her focus is always on her hair. She is a veary nice person but is veary self centered.Bawi is ruled by love and feels that she needs to be appreciated. Alot of boys like Bawi, but is scared to say. In relationships, She has trouble in trust but gets threw with her issues.
Thats Bawi :)
by AlexandraTial December 31, 2017
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