in Ukraine we call ‘bavovna’ (‘cotton’ in English) when there is an explosion somewhere in russia.

russian media tries to use some kind of euphemisms and in some way hide or escape the fact that there was an explosion in russia. when such thing happens, they call it ‘chlopok’ (the 2nd syllable is stressed) which means like ‘pop’, ‘clap’, ‘crack’, ‘bang’.

here goes the funniest thing — the same word, ‘chlopok’, but when the 1st syllable is stressed, means ‘cotton’ in English and ‘bavovna’ in Ukrainian.

so yep, we can call it some kind of linguistic joke.
firstly it was used after 24th of February when russia invaded Ukraine.
have you heard of bavovna in Belgorod? yeah man we did it and made some russians pee their panties))

чув про бавовну в Бєлгороді? та, чувак, це наших рук діло)) росіянці трохи обісралися))
by justthinking May 8, 2022
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I would like to add to the top definition that "Bavovna (баво́вна)" indeed means "cotton" in English hover "hlopok (хло́пок)" is not. Hlopok is russian for "cotton". The all joke started not just because russian media used the word "hlopok" instead of "explosion" but rather because of russian bots had started to autotranslate it to Ukrainian in an attempt to fake some legit Ukrainian media sources. Put "хлопок" into a translator and most probably you will get it translated to "cotton". This was an easy giveaway that these news were posted by russian propaganda thus people started to mock them by using the world bavovna.
There is a bavovna happened on the airbase.
На авіабазі сталася бавовна.
by Kyivpass August 25, 2022
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