The slut or prostitute for a specific town or area
Stay away from her, she's the local baumann
by Bill Science the Nye guy April 16, 2019
The Baumann Bulldozer is a move made for hardcore sexual intercourse. the move goes like this....
You strap your bitch to the wall with chains you then bungee her butthole to spread it as a wide as possible (careful it may tear) after that you stand behind your bitch anywhere from 10 to 125 feet depending on how much power you want to use. you then run full speed and slam your dick into her butthole causing her to take down the wall like a bulldozer.
Me and my wife decided we needed to take down a wall, so I BAUMANN BULLDOZERED THAT BITCH!!
by guadolupe00 January 17, 2010
the sexiest man alive. literally the hottest person ever. also the coolest person to ever live. Brodie Baumann gets so much fucking pussy all the time. Brodie has a 10 inch penis as well. he also deserves all the bitches. (note: this definition was not written by brodie baumann)
Brodie Baumann is a hot sexy motherfucker who gets all the bitches and is so cool
by ASS MAN1852 May 29, 2021
the sexiest man alive by far. way cooler than everyone else
brodie baumann is the hottest man alive and is way cooler than everyone else due to his massive cock size
by ASS MAN1852 May 29, 2021
A short little twat who is literally the most annoying fucker you will ever meet. He has the stupidest voice, pants, and face you will ever see. fuck him!
Hey do you know Brodie Baumann? Yes I do he's a fucking twat and I hate his stupid pants.
by SepMcGleb December 11, 2021
The hottest Boy ever he will make you fall in Love! He is a Badboy but if he Love he Loves Real. He is the Best Boyfriend you can Wish. Nobody can Love like him;)
by StilliVanilli January 3, 2017