common term to the proud members of the Triskellion (Tau Gamma Phi) gang of the Philippines
He is one of the proud members of BASURA! (filipino: Siya ay kasapi ng walang kuwentang TGP, mga BASURA!)
by Bong Chua September 27, 2009
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Reference to people with no class or minimal values in latin languages, particularly trailer park residents and those with violent tendencies or drug habits but also limited fashion sense. It remains to be seen if the term is a part of racist or hate language.

Street slang for drugs purchased in powder form.
Dont listen to that jive, thats the basura in her comin out.

The club was crawlin with basura that night.
by thee radical eclectic August 16, 2006
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Literal translation is hot garbage. Translates on the streets as hot mess.
That girl needs to get her life together, she's like basura caliente
by cmoore11 October 8, 2010
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1. Literally 'white leavings' in most spanish/latin dialects.

2. Culturally signifigant latin term for people who dont fit the upwardly mobile anglican cultures even though they are desended from such. slang for 'white trash' or 'white people' with mixed social values who have renounced snobbery and enjoy exploring diversity and third world cultures expresse through lifestyle and philosphy.

3. Down home white folks who were left behind in in the Anglo power struggle to survive poverty and get along the best they can in the common world.

4. Anyone who is not likely harmful but certainly low class white trash with questionable ethics in their personal dealings. Often used to describe a 'brother of no color' livin as a local in the barrio.
He's alright man, he's just another blanco basura from da'hood.

Yo, esse that hombre is mucho blanco basura...

Check it out, blanco basura is slummin today!

If I didnt know any better holmes, I would say youre gettin more blanco basura every day.
by thee radical eclectic August 16, 2006
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