The Egyptian goddess of household protection. Takes on the form of a cat or a woman with a cats' head.
I named my new kitten after Bastet the Egyptian goddess
by Kian Lynx September 29, 2003
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A sexually and gender confused being, that is always drunk, and high which adds to their confusion.
When unable to get drunk and/or high, their mood takes a huge change and becomes what is known as, emo.
Look at bastet pondering his sexuality on the forums, he's so drunk and high!
by Auvreal December 02, 2009
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Bast / Bastet / Baste

Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children.
1. Make America Baste Again (traditional)
2. Meta Egyptian deity Kek might have been the reason Trump was elected but it’s Meta Egyptian deity Bast whomst is making America Baste Again
3. 🅱️eterson = 🅱️ast / 🅱️astet/ 🅱️aste
4. Baste yourself in the conservative juices of your political bias

5. A funny misspelling of based that in turn references HaHacat (Bastet) overtaking Pepe (Kek) as mass meme phenomena of the hive consciousness circa 2018/2019
by Alice Dé December 14, 2019
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-Fat psychic that knows everything about your ways to detect MVPs.
Don't try to argue with it, you might aswell give up, there's no point since it'll just say that you're rule-lawyering and reject whatever you say. Did I mention it is a psychic?

-If it's after you, run for you life, cause if it jumps onto you, you're done for. Careful, it knows about your movements aswell, its a psychic.

-Bastet is also used to describe something increbibly huge/heavy/fat. Oh and psychics.
GM Bastet: I will break it down more.
GM Bastet: You have a way of detecting MVP's.
poor random guy (LOLTHOMAS): LOL?
GM Bastet: We know about it.

"e__e hate u
die in a fire
hope you get hit by a bastet"

by lolme January 02, 2008
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