the spot where you order frozen treats, and they rip your heart apart.
in the song:TheHeist by Incredibad at

Chamomile motha fucka!!
by Jake Jarmel July 8, 2004
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A mixed alcoholic beverage based on Dr. Pepper combined with 8 different flavors of alcohol. Due to Dr. Pepper's own 23 flavors, the total is 31 flavors.
"I dare you to mix these 8 and drink 'em."
"Woah, dude, lemme dilute that with some Dr. Pepper."
by decolosic March 21, 2010
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To hook up constantly but never get into a real relationship with the person. To just "sample" different girls/guys.
"Derrek just wants to Baskin Robbin it for the next couple months, he doesn't want to get into a meaningful relationship."
by Eric Eulau March 30, 2007
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Title given to a playa who can't choose between his women.
Ricky is such a Baskin Robbins Boy! One day its Sarah, the next Tina. Just choose a flavor already...Geez!
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When you have successfully managed to get 31 women into bed with you . Reason it's called Baskin Robbins' 31 is cause the women are meant to be the flavors.
Brah I achieved The Baskin Robbins 31 last night, got my last flavor in .
by Kinglad March 7, 2017
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The chillest place on earth. No matter if you're having a good or a bad day, when you go to Baskin-Robbins you'll be straight cheesing with a mouthful of ice creamy goodness.
I don't even care that I just stubbed my toe because I'm about to ice my frown down with some Baskin-Robbins.
by scooperhero November 24, 2021
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