Chuck Norris can go to Burger King and get a Big Mac. Barry Sanders can run past Burger King and steal Chuck Norris' Big Mac.
by 1idgofr December 8, 2008
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A psychological disorder in which an athlete is an excellent player on a team that fails to find any scrap of success. Named after Barry Sanders, an NFL running back who played his entire 10-year career with the woefully horrible atrocious Detroit Lions.
Example: Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns may be suffering from Barry Sanders Syndrome, as he is the only player on that team with a clue!
by Alaskan Pollock February 18, 2014
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to retire in your prime; to quit doing an activity while you are the best there is
I'm going to pull a Barry Sanders and stop running track since I won the conference meet.
by UArolltideroll March 9, 2015
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