Ascending to another level. Bringing out ones alter ego. First noted from Bruce Lee's film 'Enter The Dragon'. A martial artist who had to bring out a different side to him in order to avenge his sister.
It's time to Enter The Dragon🐉
by SUPRA11 November 23, 2019
When you put Icy Hot on your partners rectum and then rub some on your penis and proceed to have anal sex.
Andrew was eating dinner thanksgiving night and asked me from across the table if I wanted to play "Enter The Dragon" later, to which I replied, only if its a Thursday ;)
by Yaddidawahwah February 19, 2016
one of the greatest martial arts classics ever made. starring the late, great bruce lee, it features a nonsensical plot, ridiculous dialogue and great martial arts. it follows Lee's plan to infiltrate a tournament organised by a rogue shaolin monk and defeat him, along the way avenging his sister's murder and releasing an imprisoned army of martial artists (go figure) also features a very cool Afro sporting karate hero and a fairly cool white guy, in short, an undeniable classic.
Some geek: do you want to go play some Halo 2?
The Snowman: hell no! i'm watching Enter the Dragon.
by Snowman_mcknives July 15, 2005
to enter the dragon, this is when at a sleepover you constantly try to get into the bed of the person who is holding the seepover. also when you try to put the male reproductive organ into a dragon (a stuffed toy because real dragons dont exist silly)
dude, we were at this guys house,and we were about to enter the dragon but we thought it was a bit gay but we got bored so we entered the dragon anyway. he kicked us out though. but since we were all awake we took his sisters stuffed dragon and had some good times.
by danielmanson94 July 9, 2009
pounding a girl who has a tattoo of a dragon on her lower back.
Bro, look at that chick with the dragon tramp stamp. Yea man, I would love to enter the dragon.
by engbel June 1, 2016
A term of of endearment. Often used in conjunction with words such as:

Sonic Boom
Bo Sha

These terms are all interchangeable.
Oi, Theo! Check dat out - it's Wicked Wacked Sonic Boom! Enter the dragon, dude.

An alternative way to phrase this could be:

Check it, man. Dat is proper bo freestyler massive! Sonic Dragon - Enter the Boom!
by Timmehhh May 11, 2005