Bantu is the name of a large category of African languages. It also is used as a general label for over 400 ethnic groups in Sub-Saharan Africa, from Cameroon across Central Africa and Eastern Africa to Southern Africa. These peoples share a common language family sub-group, the Bantu languages, and broad ancestral culture, but Bantu languages as a whole are as diverse as Indo-European languages.
In the 1920s relatively liberal white South Africans, missionaries and the small black intelligentsia began to use the term "Bantu" in preference to "Native" and more derogatory terms (such as "Kaffir") to refer collectively to Bantu-speaking South Africans.
by ~~sHyLoCk~~ July 21, 2008
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Someone out of place, or being and acting like a nonce
Fred just got spiky hair.. what a bantu
by Sammy981 May 18, 2019
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Being extra nice and playing games because they like you. (A.k.a hitting on a girl or guy)
Example 1:
Dan: Did you know they changed the alphabet? They put U and I together.

Mary: You always being Bantu.

Example 2:
Boy1: She looks fine man you should go talk to her.

Boy 2: I talk to her all the time in reading class I don't want her thinking I'm being Bantu.
by Anonymous member 2056 January 23, 2017
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BENGALI SLANG:the word stands for errect(khara) pennis(bantu)
Also one with high sexual apetite
Mota,tui dindin bantu khara hoe jachchis.
by a.bandyo March 20, 2006
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The act of having or pulling your balls out in support of my nigga bantu
"Hey mom! I have my balls out for bantu!"
by Hesi August 31, 2016
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The act of pulling out/exposing one's scrotum in respect for our deceased nigga Bantu. The motion can be combined with the similar, more well known Dicks out for Harambe gesture in the ultimate display of both reverence and mourning for the fallen gorillas of both Bantu and Harambe. This practice is highly encouraged and is widely regarded as the utmost showing of devotion and appreciation for the lives of two gorillas that were taken too soon from this earth.
Person 1: " Did you hear about the gorilla that was sedated and thus died from a heart attack only a few months after Harambe ??"

Person 2: *promptly reveals testicles*

(Loudly exclaims) "BALLS OUT FOR BANTU!!!!"
by Urban_Dick69 September 7, 2016
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