a football club that is usually often made fun of by people on a regular basis because of how shit they are on a regular basis.
Person 1: loool Tottenham just got knocked out by Dinamo Zagreb
Person 2: how? they were 2-0 up on aggregate in the first leg?!
Person 1: they bottled it and lost 3-0 thanks to Orsic lmaoo
Person 2: lool what a banter club
by TrawlrZ April 13, 2021
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Mate Spurs just got battered in the Conference Laague!
Who were they playing?
Some team of binmen from Romania!
LOL what a banter club!
by SpursRShit June 22, 2023
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A club being made fun of and embarrassed by a trash club.
Chelsea lost 2-0 to Brentford, they are such a banter club
by Triumvirateof April 27, 2023
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a footy club that is ridiculed by people for how good they are at being absolute shit. examples are manure, bottleham, chelski
p1: u watch the bottleham game bro?
p2: let me guess they bottled it again ?
p1: spot on fam they lost the carabao cup final to man city
p2: looooool what a banter club
by Matty likes phatty February 8, 2022
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Chelsea "Banter" Club is typically referred to as Chelsea FC. They are a banter club for many reasons, including the bottom-half spot in the premier league. Chelsea Football Club is a shit club just like its fellow London team Tottenham. Hopefully, they get a fucking manager who can manage.
Lionel Messi: Yo Cristiano, did you see Chelsea "Banter" Club get shit on by Manchester City?
Cristiano Ronaldo: No, I didn't see Chelsea "Banter" Club get shit on by Manchester City.
by depressedchelseafan May 20, 2023
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