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Bange her is when you thrust you giant dick in her pussy and you hit her g-spot over and over, so many times that her screams attract the neighbors.
Lila was at home waiting for jim to get home. She was stripped down and soaking wet. As soon as jim got there she stuck her hands down is pants and held his giant cock. 'Lila, don't you might accidentally take off the condom.' 'What do you mean?' Lila asked.'i knew we were going to have fun tonight.' They both smiled and lila removed her hands from his pants. Jim instantly stripped down and chained up lila. He fucked her so hard and so fast. He hit her g-spot so many times in a row. she screamed so loud the neighbors came and were nocking on the door. Jim yelled'go away, im banging her!"

Bang her is a fun time.
by 22091@mychs February 13, 2017
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