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When someone has really embarassed you in public, preferably in school or at work. After insulting you (preferably by physical means), they stand over top of you or climb to a higher point than you and shout down at you, "you just got mad dogged!"
I ran over to Tom, tackled him from behind, and stood over him in front of all the Senior girls shouting, "YOU JUST GOT MAD DOGGED!" to which I promptly added.... "Bitch!"
by JR312 September 20, 2005
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Stereotypically, HARD, rough sex with a black female that has a big butt. Sex style MUST be DOGGY STYLE, not anal. The butt only comes into play as cushion because you will thrust so hard. The main goal is to get her as loud as possible, whilst providing pleasure for both parties.
Load moans were heard from my room by all because I was banging her back out.
by JR312 September 20, 2005
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The act of flattering a girl over and over again with corny lines.
Jeremy went to pour on the cheese by telling Mary that her beauty stole his breath.
by JR312 September 21, 2005
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Sex. Usually in public, but it can be a tool shed if you're a pussy and scared of getting caught.
I was doing yard work the other day and her father saw me!
by JR312 September 20, 2005
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