n. 1. A dominating woman.
2. A song by AC/DC
3. Something which destroys a person.
1. That bitch is a ballbreaker!
2. Ballbreaker is a good track.
3. That final exam was a ballbreaker. I was buttraped on it!
by keyshaw September 29, 2004
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How a misogynist self-described alpha male describes a woman that he is unable to dominate. Often, expressed in a tone of surprise that the female is not conforming to a submissive gender role.
Wow! How did you become such a ballbreaker?!
by npt4279 October 15, 2020
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channel on Irc full of ballbreakers (people who talk absolute shit and harp on issues such as equality, race, sexual intercourse and mirc commands)created by mary aka reknown for being the Queen of ballbreakers home of mIrcs highest rated geeks and uberleet haxors
"omg her channel is full of ball breakers"
by mary April 13, 2005
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