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To be involuntarily commited to a mental health treatment facility. The term comes from Florida's Baker Act, which allows authorities such as police to do this.
The stripper was baker-acted for overdosing at the club.
by Will VWK February 07, 2007
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To get hammered drunk; as in drinking O.G. Four-Loko and Red Bull and Vodka. Also known as 'getting front-row'; where the aforementioned front-row does not refer to a specific concert or theatrical presentation, but as in a more general sense in life - alcohol permitting.
Individual 1: Dude, we're getting baker acted tonight.
Individual 2: Why do you say that?
Individual 1: (Presents O.G. Four-Loko in addition to the Red Bull and Vodka purchased previously)
Individual 2: Oh, shit. Yea we're getting front-row.
Individual 1: Hammered drunk.
by rosslikesauce July 29, 2011
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