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a kickass metal band. There are several people out there who will talk shit and some call themselves the "real metallica fans" but either way they just go around bitching that they were only good on their first three albums. BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP! Metallica is still a kickass band and you can only play speed metal for so long until you have to add a little melody to the songs or they all will sound the same. And they didnt "sell out" with the black album because it sold like 80 million copies. it sold that many because it was good and people liked it.
stupid bitch- "dude metallicas a fucken sellout with the black album dude."

Me- kicks that stupid bitches mother fucken ass.
by craz3j0e September 13, 2007
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1.he who bakes.
2.an insult
3.whatever you want it to mean
1. jim is a baker. he works at the bakery
2. dude your a fuckin baker
3. your mom has a baker in her pants
by craz3j0e September 17, 2007
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