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A condition suffered the morning after having smoked, eaten, or otherwise ingested a copious amount of marijuana or hashish. Typical symptoms include sluggishness, tiredness or the inability to get out of bed, and a general feeling of no motivation to engage in physical movement or intellectual challenge. Can be brought on by either too much weed or too many brownies, nacho chips, or microwave popcorn.
Girlfriend (in the bathroom, yelling): "Let's go down to the beach today."

Boyfriend (in bed): "Not a chance. I'm fine right here."

GF: "Five joints and a bag of've got a bake-over. Get your butt up and let's get some sun."
by rockstar1 May 19, 2009
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when you get so baked and passout, then you eventually wake up and you still feel stoned. similiar to a hangover but with weed.
wes: what time is it?....

me: i dont know but i feel fuckin awesome...... i must have a bake-over!!!!!!
by Croach24 October 11, 2011
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when you smoke a lot of weed the day before and you wake up light headed the next day very lazy not wanting to do anything, this is usually cured by smoking more weed.
joe:chris i can't we smoked an 8th by ourselves last night, man i have a bake over right now.
by lang gwai lo February 14, 2010
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sorta like a hang over but in this case it has to do with the symptoms that come after the high (if any) Weed or Marijuana
dude1: oooh man i had the best bud today
dude2: oh yeah?
dude1: yeah but i got a bad bake over >.<
by 420monochild November 14, 2008
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