Bakchodi/Muhchodi : Hindi slang word used by mostly north Indians. Refers to baseless gossips, gossips with no foundation. Often used to show dominance in the group of people around. Can be taken in positive as well as negative sense.
Gamer1: abey mujhey DOTA khelne do...dekho mein kitney kills leta hoon.
Gamer2: abhi abhi khele the toh chud gaye the..jyada bakchodi na pelo..

Politician: I will do this..that.....bla bla bla..
Audience1: He seems like a Bakchod politician..he has all development plans etc..
Addience2: Bah..he is a curroupt politician like everybody else..he is just doing bakchodi...lets get the free biryani and get out of here..!
by Bajar May 28, 2010
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Hindi slang for gossip. Done especially among friends.
Hey pal, let's go to Barista's and do some bakchodi.
by Baishampayan Ghose September 11, 2004
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It is a word in hindi.
it refers to the senseless and baseless conversation that friends have which are funny sometimes.people doing bakchodi are called bakchods.
X - "we are like two trees in this coffee house...birds come and sit and fly off but we remain the same.not moving"

Y - "that was good bakchodi man!nice stuff"
by supermanisindian March 23, 2009
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A boy put finger in siddharth's bury, then Siddharth said to boy - why you are doing Bakchodi!
by Uttam8 May 8, 2020
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Arun put finger in Siddharth's bury, then Siddharth said to Arun- why Arun is doing Bakchodi.
by Uttam8 May 8, 2020
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A Hindu nationalist subreddit that is more than willing to destroy democracy in India in favour of a Hindu theocratic government (something that would make Nehru spin in his grave, destroying what he worked to build).

Some of their favourite pastimes include: glorifying Hinduism, condemning liberals, vilifying Muslims, listening to Modi and BJP propaganda 24/7, and not addressing any of the real issues in India.

They’re also famous for making multiple logical fallacies and believing in them. Here are some examples
r/bakchodi: I’ve met some bad Muslims, therefore, they must be bad
Librandu: that’s an generalization, you haven’t met every Muslim in India.

r/bakchodi: why are you defending Muslims? Why do you hate India and Hindus?
Librandu: I never said that.

r/bakchodi: Those Muslims are violent. I was attacked by a Muslim once.

Librandu: that doesn’t necessarily mean that every Muslim will attack you.

r/bakchodi: what about the Mughals and their anti-Hindu violence? Doesn’t that say something about Muslims? Its proof that Muslims are just savages.

Librandu: that’s not even relevant today. That even happened centuries ago and has no correlation to today’s Muslims.


r/bakchodi: if we don’t kick Muslims out of India now, they’ll take over our country and Islamize it!
Librandu: having Muslims won’t necessarily lead to India’s Islamization. That hasn’t happened since independence, so how do you know such an extreme result will happen?
by MakMokMik January 27, 2020
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