Dominican word which can mean anything you want it to be. It is basically the equivalent of thing, but is used much more often.
Loco, pasame esa baina. Tengo que ir y hacer un paqueton de bainas.
by Domexicano March 15, 2005
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In Venezuela we use this word a lot too: meaning anything...
Pasame esa baina (pass me that thing) Como esta la baina? (How is everything?)
by Alberto Leal July 27, 2010
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Baina is most loving and caring person that you would ever meet.she sees the light in everyone and she’s the must most supportive friend.she would push to do better when you are ready to give up on yourself.She would always have your back even when the whole world is against you.she knows how to light up someone’s day no matter your mood is.she’ll be there for you and never give up on you no matter.she’s not afraid to speak her mind.Get you a Baina
I was on the phone with Baina last night and she really opened up my eyes
by December 05, 2020
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