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A person who dresses like a chav but with the personality of a geek or nerd.

Most commonly a girl, the baife has a low IQ yet sucks up to teachers and members of authority to make themselves feel cleverer. A baife is most commonly known to have a low ponytail, playboy merchandise, white puma or reebok trainers and a drawstring bag.

The term baife originated at Dorothy Stringer High School in Brighton and is now being used by teenagers all over Brighton and Hove.
"That girl is such a baife!"

"Look, a baife!"
by I am not a baife May 04, 2008
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baife báif
(comparative baifeier, superlative baifest)
1. A lower class person who believes that they are mixture of Chav and Boffin. Normally female, although males are not unheard of. They can be seen sporting Adidas© Playboy© and other Chavvy brands. Scraggily ponytails are vitally important to achieve this “Baifeywen” look.

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"Oh My God, What a Baife!"
"She's got such a Baify ponytail!"
"She is the baifest of them all!"
"You are baifier than I am!"
by Mercedes06 September 22, 2006
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A chavvy kind of boffin which have no popularity at all. They often have average IQ and are normally teachers pet. The like to wear fake burberry scarfs, jd bags and low ponytails.
She is such a baife.
by Mercedes20000000 November 19, 2006
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