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Someone who transports goods or money between to people in a criminal activity. For example, a thug that comes around to collect extortion money and then brings it to a more senior gang member. Another example would be a lawyer that collects money to bribe a judge.
Give the money to the bagman and those speeding tickets will disappear.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
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The greatest independent/amatuer film of all time. At one point it was hosted on YouTube, but it was deemed too "intense" and deleted shortly thereafter.
Bagman- Partially French, partly English, completely kickass.
by Kazera August 19, 2006
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A real douchbag, only use when said douche is in close proximity or to insult a douchebag to his face.
Hey whatsup? you sir are a real BAGMAN. or See that guido over there, What a BAGMAN.
by Gocardscc August 16, 2009
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