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the fries at the bottom of the fast food bag when all the food is removed.

The holder of the bag thus gets the "Bagglers"
"Here, take your burger so i can have these bagglers."
by Eli Ouellette August 18, 2008
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the fries that escape from their containers only to find themselves stuck in the bottom of the bag. This is why it is in your best intrest to be the keeper of the bag.
Aye! Get away from my bag! I want the damn bagglers!
by Jamie January 02, 2005
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The fries that fall out of your cup into the bottom of your bag
You gonna eat your bagglers
by Babyfeldt69 July 26, 2009
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Fries that have falled from their individual containers into the bottom of the bag. The first person to open the bag is the receiver of said "bagglers".
The bagglers seem to be the greasiest.

Get the fuck away from the bag, I want the bagglers.
by Joe Takach July 24, 2005
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The term baggler which was originally coined by the advertising team of Burger King has arisen as a fresh and new insult. If you think of the word Baggler in the terms laid out by Burger King and then apply them to a person or thing, its clear where that person/thing stands.
"You god damned baggler"

"Take your bagglers and get the fuck outta my car"

"That Avril Lavigne sure is a fuckin baggler, nice tits though"
by Picturemerollin February 11, 2005
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Everyone likes a nice visit to their odd Burger King restaurante every nown and again, but often you get those chips that fall from their packet and into the bag; these are known as...........bagglers!
"Oh No i Dropped my baggler"

"Hey Johnson! Can i have a baggler?"

""Damn i'm out of chips!" "you still have your bagglers""
by Dr. Zaius November 19, 2006
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The person who eats the french fries in the bottom of the Mickey D's bag and usually gets the most salt and the most fries. Most likely the one to dehydrate first during long car rides.
You: Hey Chico, pass me the fries homedawg!
Chico: No can do Guapo, you gonna be the baggler this time. Me and the homies ate all the other fries.
You: You guys suck. Buy me some bottles of water and we're all cool yo.
by baml23 June 04, 2010
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