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The bafflator is the guy at work who is always baffled. No matter what you explain they will be baffled. When you see them the gladiators theme tune from the sky series enters your head and you replace the word gladiator s with the word bafflator, you chuckle to yourself a day then prepare yourself for the next question.

You cannot allow more than one bafflator in a meeting otherwise baffling will spread like a virus and infect all those in the meeting. Resulting in a mega bafflasourous smashing up the building requiring the help of the power rangers to coax the evil beast down from the top of the building and Will Self on a mega phone trying to talk some sense it to the dense mass.

Bafflators can be appeased temporarily by giving the bits of paper with the title instructions on them. This only lasts 5 minutes before they are back with there fingers smelling of faeces as they have been scratching there bum bum. They will ask some other lame question before giving up and retreating to the cubicles to pick their nostrils.

Using your finger to point and saying someone else's name is a good defence.
Ah man the bafflator came over this morning. I gave him the precise instructions and he just stood there looking baffled.
by anon.gcfgv755r August 12, 2014
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