a bunch of kids who hang out in drama class not listening to anything anyone says, they often back talk Mrs. McCrackin. People in this clique consist of Erica Jessica Katie Saad and sometimes Ashley. They even get separated. ALOT! sometimes they snort pills for fun. subjects they often talk about: pedro drugs gorillas hoes candy skating movies ect.
Teacher 1: Thoes bad asses are really crossing the line
teacher 2: we ought to kick the out
by yoooo mammmma January 27, 2009
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To anally fuck your grandmother in her saggy ass without wearing a condom. Thus doing a bad, bad, deed to a bad, bad, ass.
I had a real badass time at our family reunion last weekend when me and grandma decided to "experiment"
by TheMcRonDon April 08, 2011
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"a person who's hella cool, Jamie.A"
Marshy: "Jamie sounds badass, i like her already"!
by Jj097671 April 08, 2007
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The girl/guy who will beat up the Ex boyfriend/girlfriend because they broke their best friends heart into pieces. That friend who will kick the school jock in the balls because he can't take a hint that he's not wanted.
Damn, did you see what Payton did to Caleb?

I know. She kicked him in his balls.

She is such a badass
by HottestChick July 07, 2015
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Badass jason momoa lilly marie, set on roofs, watch stars, blueberries, black, play guitar and ukulele.
Wow. Shes more badass then anybody
by Ur fadder February 08, 2020
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Rian and April Ferrero's rug in front of their 65" flat screen. GO DAWGS!!!!
by georgiabulldawg October 25, 2010
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a guy called acelin , in other words fredo .
you find him and you will find the complete definition of badass
you just wait
Camel :)xo
Acelin (fredo) Badass
by Camel :) October 13, 2010
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