Haunted by a bad vibe or aura. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
Now that place had some bad juju.

In answer to a question about what someone thought of a person place or thing one could answer, "bad juju".
by Brian McKinney February 14, 2004
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Any action that has a harmful or bad vibe to it.
Gosipping about Laila can be bad juju.
by hasni June 12, 2017
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Some type of bad vibe or undesirable act such as walking under the ladder. Also used in the military for putting your life or someone else's life in danger.
You don't put thermite on ammunition, privates. It's Bad Juju.
by cryptomaniac October 18, 2015
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A term used to describe eternal, God given bad luck of an unworldly, yet consistently colossal magnitude.
Danny James is running late to work this Morning after feeding the Pony in the early hours of the Morning. He eventually pulls up to his usual parking space in his Ford Fiesta.

Danny James: *Opens car door* Gyuerrrrrrrrrrrp

*A pungent smell pollutes the surroundings of the car park*

Danny James is then noticed by a neighbouring colleague, who is also exiting his vehicle.

The pure sight of Danny James in the early hours of the Morning is enough to invoke a slow head-shake of derision for anyone, but this is promptly interrupted by a mild squelch.

Danny James has indeed stepped in dog shit, immediately after stumbling out of his car. His shift has not even started.

Bad Juju.
by CusHasTheShitsLol October 12, 2021
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Hailey:omg look there’s a ghost In my picture

Paige: that gives me bad jujus!
by Angel mojo June 14, 2020
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"Your very presence brings bad juju to our softball games."
by Lesley I Am August 4, 2017
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A Person Who Sleeps Around So Much That They Must Have Several STDs.
Damn, I Must Have Saw That Girl With Four Different Guys At That Party, I Wouldn't Mess Around With That, She's Bad JuJu!
by Big "Boss" Daddy December 2, 2010
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