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1. when you warn someone who tries to diss you to step back before you get nasty

2. in the past, back in the days
1. back down 'fore I cap you ass fool !

2. what about being a mack, i mean, back down ?
by Swoopa February 27, 2009
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a warning you give to a mo'fo thats been on your nerves for the longest time just before you blast thier ass wide open
BACK DOWN b'fo i gots to blast you mutha fucka!
by burrier March 24, 2004
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The combination of a TouchBack and a TouchDown made popular by replacement referees in the NFL
"Did you watch last nigh't game? Replacement refs made a great BACKDOWN call for the NFL last night"
by The Zunicorn September 25, 2012
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When you put them in thier place.
When you make a 3 pointer and they are on you real tight, or when you beat someone's ass really hard.
by Kirtus Pittman December 13, 2004
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