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When two people get together and one lathers a baseball bat in ben&jerry's ice cream and then sticks the baseball bat into the other's butthole. The one that is getting the basebal bat in them must imitate the cadbury commercials by going "buckmow buckmow" over and over during the process. WARNING: MAY CAUSE ANAL SPLINTERS
"dude i totally baby turtle'd jess ladt night"
"did you just use baby turtle as a verb"
"yeah! its only the coolest sex move ever, but jess have been complaining about butt splinters alot"
"I don't even want to know"
by t.o.o. Cool March 25, 2010
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a turtle that isnt really a turtle at all. really a tortiose, ( a heffer)
are you sure you can carry that baby turtle
by mctoker May 23, 2008
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