1. A woman gives birth to a large number of children and never seems to stop.

2. A woman who is always pregnant

3. Baby momma
Wow, its her 15th kid? What a baby factory.
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
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Refers to the origin of Baby Batter.
Usually, if not always, it is the testicles, where the process of meiosis takes place to create the life giving Baby Batter that is needed to successfully procreate.
Baby Batter CEO: Ayo, most of yall will be disposed of into tissues, condoms, socks and buttholes, but in this Baby Batter Factory, we serve one purpose. To complete a most fantastic and climactic **NUT**.
by ßoonish June 15, 2021
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A post menopausal woman still open for “business” but repurposed space is not open for production.
I was recently at Grandma’s water aerobics class and saw a straight up chapter 11 baby factory DTF.
by Gilf factory November 09, 2019
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