While in no way affiliated with the "Russian grandmother" translation, babooshka is the kindest, most loving term of endearment one can give their main partner. Only to be used in the highest of sickly-sweet romantic situations. Use "booshk" for more casual settings such as a one-night stand.
by annonymousfemaleoneaton August 30, 2010
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Babooshkas are cantankerous old ladies in Russia who work in public buildings doing more or less nothing at all.

As living throwbacks to the Soviet era, they enforce both real and imagined petty regulations with Stakanovite zeal and enthusiasm.

Museums, cloakrooms, and metro kiosks are their natural habitats.
"That babooshka over there just told me that it's forbidden to look out of the windows!"

by Mayakovsky September 23, 2006
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Code word amongst guys for "show me your tits" at herzl camp, unbeknownst to the girls.
by MeAndMyMeatCleaver March 21, 2004
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an extremely hairy pubic region on a female.
You should see the landing area on her. Babooshka!
You can wipe your feet before going in.
by fazzy-bhoy October 30, 2008
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