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The word used in Brazil to define a jerk or a silly person.
Hey babaca, come here.
You´re such a babaca!
by Caio(BRAZIL) August 30, 2006
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A dummy, bozo, idiot, etc. Literally, Portuguese for "one who slobbers". Also can be used among close friends as a term of endearment.
"That babaca locked his keys in his car."

"Hey babaca! What's up!"
by Carey1234 May 28, 2008
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Person that read too much and think that is intelligent, gereraly uses word difficult compreension for to feel important. Don´t survive for much time in the guetos, the other person hit he all the time, everyday.
Classmate: Hei guy, you can help me in these mat excersise?
Babaca: Yes, I don´t believe you don´t do this is very simple, I´ll put this problem in my computer and it do fast.
Classmate: Well, but you can explain how I do???
Babaca: Ha, ha, You must study more, It´s very simple man...
by Carlito123oliveira April 07, 2008
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