4 fine African American Kings that are going to continue to brush them haters off and watch them dead presidents stack to the ceiling.
B2K has no time for poor and desperate haters, they are too busy watching there money grow.
by FLy April 22, 2003
fine fellas they are gorgous, sexy, talented, got too much style to handle, and dont give 2 f*%ks bout the haterz!!!!!
They must be doing something right if they have haterz.
by LadyZiggy Maffia December 12, 2003
fuck off Omega Death b2k is better than whatever piece of shit heavy metal you listen to
by your daddy July 4, 2003
i never thought the day would come.....their.....gone....all of a sudden the world doesnt seem so bad after all........
mtv news- breaking news...b2k has just broke up, as thousands of fans cry....

me- "punk" aint comin back on mtv, is it?
thank uuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
oh thank u!!!
by hotgurl March 13, 2004
To want to get with a girl. Used because b2k has that song "Bump Bump Bump". This is like a code word that can be used so that other people don't know what your talking about
"that girl is hot"
"go b2k that"
by Edizzle April 19, 2005
the finest boy group on earth
b2k came to my house last time they come to chi-town
by michelle December 1, 2003