Phenomenal young R&B singing group; consist of 4 members, J-boog,Omarion, Lil'Fizz, and Raz-B; has released 5 albums
B2k is a wonderful singing group
by unknown October 15, 2003
"Boys of the New Millinium" 4 BOMB boyz that will always have a place in my heart.
B2k are indeed the best group in the history of music.Holla!! I love you Fizz!!!!
by Ebony M September 14, 2003
Talented young Africam American Males who are loved by not only young females but by everybody. The consists of four members Lil'Fizz, J Boog, Omarion, and Raz-B. B2k is the best black young boy group out since Immature.
Lil'Fizz:Sexy as hell and has a nice personality
J Boog:also sexy and very funny
Omarion: beutiful body and great smile
Raz-B: Nice body and nice lips
by SexyDiva06 August 18, 2003
4 fine ass mutha fu..that have much much talent..they sing and dance and heve the bestest bodies ever
b2k be lookin good
by fizzs lil wifey September 24, 2003
tha hottest group ever ya'll haters need to stop haten'

lil' fizz:a sexy boy wit tha a hot body

o:sexy body & a nice smile

boog: funny & cute

raz: sexy lips & sweet
b2k: tha boyz of 2000
by nikia walker October 21, 2003
four fine brothas doing they thang when they do they thang how they do they thang.holla(omari said that)talented can sing, dance, act most of all they sexy..
b2k would be b2k
by rosetta November 30, 2003
i don't care what all ya'll haters say about b2k they are sooo fine!!!!!
lil fizz=sooooooooo fine
omarion=sexy body/sooooo fine
raz-b=sexy body
all i got to say for b2k keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
by shantelle :) August 1, 2003