1.body odor-bad personal hygiene.
2.better offer-better job or bargain.
3.bought off-to bribe someone.
4.butt out-mind your business.
by blankaka October 21, 2003
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A hierarchical system or relationship where some or all persons involved have a defined biological role based on animal behavior research. Alpha being the most dominant, Beta being subordinate to the Alpha but dominant to the Omega, and Omega being the lowest of the totem pole (most subordinate). Very common in furry culture.
We have an A/B/O dynamic in our relationship.
by Blackholemaso July 13, 2018
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Bad Order

A term used by a tradesman originally believed to be separated by a semicolon, i.e...

BAD part; ORDER a new one

The common adjective is an all-encompassing term used to describe something that is broken, while at the same time, being as nondescript as possible to avoid excessive work.

Repair Order: "engine is b/o"

Rookie: "the engine smells?"

Veteran: "No, it's broken"

Rookie: "What do you mean broken? What kind of broken? Does it have a miss? does it leak? Is it broken in two?"

Veteran: "Dunno yet, lets go inspect it."

Rookie: "Who wrote this up? Didn't the inspector already inspect it in the first place?!"

Veteran: "Yup"

Rookie: "Lazy swing-shifter"
by Night_Starfish April 17, 2012
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stands for alpha/beta/omega. if you're familiar with omegaverse you know what it means.
hey i read this really great A/B/O fic yesterday
by lord_robin June 21, 2017
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The transcendence from Barack Obama's physical form to a sentient & omniscient being.
"O B A B O!"
by Big Don Clarke February 07, 2018
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to make something smell like BO (Body Odour)

When you put a piece of clothing on you make it smell like BO!!
KAY:"Hey OMG that top is sooo nice, im gonna try it on"
Jay: "Ewww, no!! Your gonna B-O it up. You stink!!!"
by s-jay September 01, 2008
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guy: I think I'm ready to settle down now....my next lady I promise to put in a 100% cuz I'm usually at 50 %...and be honest and treat her the way I wanna be treated.

friend: b. o. l. !!! bunch of lies
by sSimPle PleaSuresS May 03, 2011
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