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One who thinks they are badass or really gnarly and tries to get this point across through actions and/or stories but in reality is a total poser. (back alley kid)
Can be noun or adjective.
That new kid thinks he is a b/a just cuz he smoked weed one time.

What a dick, he thinks he is b/a for throwing a ball at that nerd.
by L30C March 18, 2009
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Boob/Age, or Boob over Age.
A ratio I made up -- it's a girls boob size divided by her age.
Optimally, when diviede, the ratio should equal about 2.5. Thi is based on 35/14 (35b on a 14 year old).
Wow, she has a 2.5 b/a. Nice ratio.
by bobie March 18, 2005
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