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He's usually a chill guy whos tall. He is popular and likes girls for their ass. He has weird friends and never opens up with feelings. Azibs may like sports like soccer or basketball. He likes "thicc" people and picks his clothes off the ground.
Man 1: is that an Azib
Man 2: I wish I was friends with him because he's so popular.
by Fhahfyauryd May 15, 2018
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Kind,funny,famous, but very quiet you will know how is he after you close to him. An azib is someone who can you depending on, care to people who care for him, always smiling like never had a problem even though he had. He can be trusted but he always missed talk because of his honesty. Always get hurt because people don't know how to value him. Being close to him and you'll know how funny and cute is he. Such a good boy, never let him go because you will lose the greatest friend.
If you were azib i will nevet let you go
by RobertGorgeflyhigh April 23, 2018
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