Usually a word said out of excitement or happiness. Also can be a word to fill in awkward moments or a quiet group of people to create laughter or excitement. This word has no real meaning to it, it's just a sound that can be done unlimited times in a conversation and not really mean anything.
Josh: Hey man, I just got into university !


Josh: Thanks I guess...
by chanchon8181 August 18, 2011
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1. To fill in an awkward place in texts.

2. To celebrate in a bro/gal moment.
3. When you’re not sure what else to say.
1. “ I don’t understand how people don’t like x. It’s like, amazing!”
“ Finally someone gets it!”
2. “I got into college!”
3. (similar usage as one)
by Pseudonyms are okay July 31, 2020
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Used when a situation is awkward and you do not know what to say.
Friend 1 : I just Fucked my stepmom

Friend 2 : Ayyy?
by Eeeeeeee!!! January 18, 2019
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When you spell ayyy with three y's, it slang for "you want sum fuk."
by ApexGamerElite February 18, 2018
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A phrase that continues the word ayy lmao but adds mayonnaise to the end for some reason, it might sound stupid when you think about it but it gives you something to say when someone pulls out a jar of mayonnaise.
*pull's out jar of thick white substance*
;"Ayyy Lmayonnaise!"
"this isn't mayonnaise"
Then nobody says anything and you should probably leave
by SadistFreakGuy August 28, 2016
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Commonly used by weeaboos and white girls when they find something funny or cool if you ever say this kys
Ayyy lmao Ashley your so white
by Bendover datas October 31, 2016
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if something is off the tiz-ayyy, it is fun, cool, amazing, awesome, etc.

you can use as many y's as you like.
off the tiz-ayyyyyyy, off the tiz-ay, etc.

synonyms: off the hook, off the heezy, off the chain.
a.that party tomorrow night is going to be off the tiz-ayyyyy!

b.that trick you did on the half pipe was off the tiz-ay.
by kalee August 2, 2005
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