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In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the top echelon of the biker hierarchy. Translates roughly to "The uncles of everybody." Can be generalized into "the top bosses".
Debrouille toe estie, les mon oncles te regarde. (Solve your own problems fuck, the bosses have taken an interest in your business.)
by ill dun doin it. January 18, 2005
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An extremely potent hallucinogenic substance - legal in Peru - that's derived from jungle vines by curanderos (shaman). It combines two pyschoactive substances (DMT and an MAO inhibitor), the latter compounding the effects of the former. Also known as "yage".
I went to an ayahuasca retreat in Shipibo.
by ill dun doin it. January 20, 2005
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In New York, any recent emigrant who tries to establish himself in crime over territory that's already been claimed by local groups or gangs. (Someone who by-passes the proper tribute channels.)
Dunn that UFO there's scheming on our turf...
by ill dun doin it. January 19, 2005
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