Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University in Indiana as the first sorority in the school of music. Today Alpha Chi is still going strong with some of the most beautiful and succesful women you can find, and are known for helping the community. Beauty, brains, and a good reputation...what more could you ask for. Famous Alpha Chi's include Trista from ABC's the Bachlorette, Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, and my personal favorite, Condoleeza Rice. A lot of jealous people make rude comments, but we dont care because we know we're destined for success
I wish I could be an AXO.
by Nellie Gamble December 7, 2007
Spanish slang. Short for muchacho or "muxaxo" Used in parts of Spain, especially in Extremadura.
Axo, vete pa ka.
by Austin cc February 12, 2009
An axo is somebody who is a savage. And classy. But most importantly boujie
Axo can be used in a sentence such as… microwaveable pigeon is equal to an axo
by Ledeledwle June 7, 2020
A fail. An inappropriate gesture at random moments making everything awkward. Also the constant use of very bad singing. Usually the scumbag. Likes Toast, Brack People, and random other s***.
Billy: Hey i just met you
Andy: Dude, why are you being an axo?
Billy: Sorry

Jeff: Did you see michael over there?
Dave: Yea, he just pulled an axo!
Jeff: HA! What a fail!
Dave: I Know right!
by Axomite May 18, 2013
A dirty Axo is someone who is horny all the time and has obesseions over their friends they can't get over them but most likely will fall in love with one of them anyways.
That's a dirty Axo I bet he has a crush on his friend.
by Coochiedestroyer3000 July 4, 2021
Axo is 100 meters from your location and is approaching rapidly
start running
Axo you mean D: put me in mod pls :c
by Axo August 17, 2021