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A beautiful African name for a beautiful girl.a great friend who stands up for what or who she cares about.she is pretty but has to be told occasionally cause she seems to forget.she likes being the center of attention but is very shy.she has a great personality
Person1:wow did u see awurabena,She's so pretty

Person2:Yh and a Tuesday born,I hear Tuesday borns and Friday borns are the perfect match to date or get married
by Payson May 25, 2018
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Awurabena is an insightful thoughtful person who goes out of her way to make other people happy she is very lovely and funny and know how to cheer up anyone with her funny comments and faces. Shes is very generous and has a great zeal to life eith every word she says. She is also respectful and any person who has her in their lives definitely means tgey are truly blessed
awurabena is the best
by Xanilla May 22, 2018
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