The debilitating condition of being too awesome to relate socially, athletically, linguistically, or politically with normal people. One suffering awesomism would be considered "awesomistic."
Jim: Can't you people see? If you eschew college for a job working at a record store, you'll never be able to sustain a family.
John: I'm not chewing anything, moron. (walks away)
Jim: God, why did you curse me with awesomism?

Jack: Why won't anyone play basketball with him?
Jerry: Stop staring. He's awesomistic.
by Coach Ken April 23, 2008
The act of being so awesome that you are even more awesome than other awesome people.
by Im a Boss Daddy!!!!! January 25, 2011
When awesome just isn't good enough, usually used in a sarcastic manner and told with an air of insincerity
Brittany: Hey are you running this season?

Joe: No it sucks, I have a stress fracture so i can't.

Brittany: Oh that's awesome awesome, you'll get to spend more time with your friends now!

Joe: Actually no Brittany, I have a stress fracture...
by Dildo Faggins April 5, 2008
caught a good case of awesome.
Whoah, your good. You must have caught awesomeitis.
by williamAustin February 27, 2008
Something or someone that is awesome on a cosmic level.
by Raiken April 22, 2010