A descriptive word that pertains to persons who think they are the epitome of awesome sauce. They will do anything to be awesome sauce, but they can never hope to be awesome sauce. If you have someone who believes they are awesome sauce, you may direct them to this site, where they will be rudely awakened and told that they are, in fact, not awesome sauce.
RM is not awesome sauce, and neither is anything he believes IS awesome sauce.
by Badgergirl1 January 8, 2012
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Something you should never say to a girl you're trying to get with.
You: Hey wanna come over?
A girl: Sure!
You: Awesome sauce!
A girl: Actually I'm busy washing my grandma that day sorry.
by yallarejusthaters February 15, 2023
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High probability this is the most lame brained, dipshitty word ever invented; likely created by some sniveling little turd who whines if s/he has to step foot outside or get off their goddamn i-pad for two whole minutes. Anyone that's a big enough nosebleed to actually use this word should be straight jacketed, put in a damp, dark cellar, & be left alone with their thoughts until they see the egregious error of their ways.
Tween bobby soxer #1: omggg!! The bedazzling job I did on my new denims is MAJOR awesome-sauce!! Jealous much?!"
Tween bobby soxer #2: STFU u irritating little runt, or I'll dust your crops for you! Jesus - did your mom have any kids that lived??!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
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The invisible substance emitted by anything awesome. Inherently making itself, and anything it covers, awesome.
Ryan: Dude I just got a 400x60 combo.
Jimmy: Awesome sauce dude!
Ryan: Yeah I know, it's like everywhere.
by Reconn March 14, 2009
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If something is awesome sauce, then it is the best it can possibly be.
That was awesome sauce!!!!
by McBlaggin August 3, 2008
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