marked by or fond of sometimes pretentious display that is unique only to Austin, TX.
Our austintatious day included a swim at Barton Springs Pool.
by andybabyagaintx June 27, 2010
Yo dude did you see that new episode of austintatious!?
by AustintatiousTv December 3, 2020
Acting weird in a possible psychotic way. For example, mistaken your phone for a banana.
He was acting austintatiously last night.

Wow he's so austintatious, yeah baby!
by Lenny White June 24, 2018
To be sanctimonious, pretentious and conceited about how unpretentious and un-conceited one is.
I went to a party. They called it a barn dance but there was no barn. It had some bands playing, but the only people watching them were in the other bands. Everyone was talking about how they never go north of Town Lake anymore. It was very Austintatious.
by simcitymayor April 20, 2011