She likes a guy named Chris and she dated Connor but we all know (just me) it was never meant to be
Qiu is quacker
by Yeetus_Fetus_Deletus November 30, 2018
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A shy and queer boy who tends to keep to himself,his family believes in communism and promotes it.He has a lot of underlying issues concerning his health like testicular cancer and colon cancer,they have an approximate lifespan of 30 years before death
by OriginalPoop July 22, 2021
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a bum

Daniel is a hard name to comprehend so we narrowed it down to Qiu whichhas not been defined yet.
hey daniel qiu= hey bum

a man that is a cool guy
by haga laga October 5, 2016
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People use this to ridicule those who are stubborn and cannot adapt. Things in the world are always changing. So when we face some problems, we have to think this problem may require new solutions
In responding to various circumstances, we must not "Ke Zhou Qiu Jian", not knowing how to adapt.
by xiAO007 July 13, 2021
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when a Chinese girl is ambiguously attracted only to ftm boys
what does it mean that her name was Katy? I can not believe it. you are such a Alice Qiu
by Tokyonoame May 5, 2020
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A sexy boy who is smart sexy and so strong all ladies wanna get laid by him oooooooo yea
U are such a qian qiu
by Kian Vanzuela September 17, 2017
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