A girl or boy (mostly girl) that craves attention so bad that they'll go to the largest extent to get it..
They'll find anything or anyplace full of people that will give them the attention they want because they just can't stand not being the center of attention..
They feel that the world revolves around them and they think everyone else should know..
One of the main places you can find attention whores are at places where they're the only sex in a certain place..
Only idiots and scum don't realize their true being..
Halo Online

Attention Whore: Hey guys!!!! I suck at Halo!! Can you help me??
Halo Nerds: Oh shit!! A girl!! Aw man.. I think I'm getting a woody.. Yeah, Baby, we'll help ya!! Maybe we can party up after!!
Attention Whore: Yay!! You guys are the awesomest!! By the way, I'm a super hott cheerleader!!
Halo Ners: NO WAY!!
by You Will Never Know =] August 17, 2009
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an attention whore is a loser that will go to any means nesscary to have the spotlight on them and them only. an attention whore can not stand to not be the center of attention at all times,and hate when the spotlight is on anyone other than themselves.
marilyn is such an attention whore she wore a playboy bunny outfit to the party, even though she is 400 pounds.when another slim girl shows to the party in the same bunny outfit and looked better ,marilyn was such an attention whore she pretended to fall and hurt herself as an attempt to upstage, or keep the thunder she feels is being stolen...
by DOLFACEQUEEN February 27, 2009
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An insecure person that is so emotionally unstable and needy, that they have to constantly be coddled and be the center of attention in any given situation. Or a person that is so insecure about their own intelligence and the above average intelligence of everyone in the room, that they constantly need to talk out of their ass about stupid random things that nobody cares about, constantly giving little factoids about the same subject(and the only one they know about) over and over and over and over again, as well as speaking in an overwhelmingly loud voice to overpower anyone else that cares to get a word in. All while being hilariously unaware that everyone in the room takes a deep sigh and rolls their eyes when this person starts to speak.
Even though 29 year old Sarina, who had a rocky relationship lasting about a year and change with her f-buddy turned boyfriend of about 5 years younger, and had just mentioned several times within the past month about leaving him, was an attention whore, so she couldn't handle the fact that her younger sister of 7 years (who everyone seemed to adore because she was lovable, cute and quirky as opposed to an icy bitch that steamrolled anyone who got in her way, among other major personality disorders) had just announced an engagement to her live-in boyfriend of over 3 years, so she did the only thing she could do to make herself feel better and grab the limelight for herself-- she announced 2 weeks after her younger sister got engaged that she too was getting engaged and would be getting married about 1 month before her younger sister in pretty much the same exact fashion as her sister's wedding. This coming out of nowhere and without a ring even, which she chalked up to being something minimal that wasn't needed (she later got one about 1.5 months later when she had the money). Then, later, after several months of hell for the younger sister who was pressured from all angles to join Sarina in a double wedding day reception (to apparently support her financially because she couldn't afford everything herself) that goes against everything that her younger sister and her fiancé wanted for themselves, the wedding goes down and Sarina of course plays the control freak at every situation, not letting her younger sister have any say in any matters, as she steamrolls her at every disagreement, all while carefully making sure that she-- not her sister, was at the very center of any attention throughout the months leading up, and during the day of the wedding.
Other characteristics include “raging bitch disorder”, excessive crying over petty meaningless crap (and then denying that you ever cry, when everyone knows you do it at least a couple times a week in public), waving and slamming papers in other people’s faces, talking really LOUD, making sure that everyone hears your voice over everyone else in the room, and being very defensive and taking things personal and wrong in almost every situation. Basically just acting like a moronic emotional powder keg in every situation, and being completely oblivious to the fact that most people that know you are whispering things behind your back.
by Mike K. Jordan July 17, 2006
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a bitch who often makes everything dramatic. She will try to gain sympathy and/or try to get everyone against you by exaggeratng a situation or placing false rumors. She also tries to act innocent and be the victim to make you look like the worst person in the world.

They're usually preppy whores that need to get fucked up.
note this things in an attention whore:
1) Make everything dramatic
2) Will do anything to get sympathy or attention.
3) Usually hooks up with her best guy friend all the time the cry on how it's complicated.
4) Wears a lot of glitter

5) She will be friends with people that bully you
6) In the end people just use her for their satisfaction
7) Have a rude overweight friend who gets in your business because her friend has an obsession with her
8) their names usually start with "k"

Stay away from these people.
lol Look at a wall, it has more original personality and they won't turn on you one day.
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A type of whore which consistently participates in questionable activities in order to receive even the most negligible amounts of attention, often willing to pay cash money to receive little or no attention.
Man, that Kyle Harper is such an attention whore. He just threw $10,000 dollars away to receive miniscule amounts of attention.
by gdogManatee October 19, 2009
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An irritable little bitch that decides to randomly flip out over little things. They would say almost anything to get attention including random shit that haven't even crossed their non-existent hallow head before, including random capitalized letter like "NWEKLRHWL:ERJWERWER" with the "ZOMGS" and the oh-so-cunning spellings of "WONNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?"

Note: It is impossible to shut them up.
I thought I had a good friend, turned out she was just a pmsing attention whore.
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
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