An irritable little bitch that decides to randomly flip out over little things. They would say almost anything to get attention including random shit that haven't even crossed their non-existent hallow head before, including random capitalized letter like "NWEKLRHWL:ERJWERWER" with the "ZOMGS" and the oh-so-cunning spellings of "WONNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?"

Note: It is impossible to shut them up.
I thought I had a good friend, turned out she was just a pmsing attention whore.
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
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the kind of person who does crazy and shocking things for attention

see also Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005
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"when I was young, I wanted attention...and I promised myself that I'd do anything.. anything at all for them to notice me"

"God I love being an attention whore I dress in really slutty outfits and pretend I'm part of a legit music group even though I'm the only one who sings on the track or does anything other than skimp around in the background in our music videos."
by lauderdizzle October 29, 2008
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Attention whores aren't always fat. Some look good. There is variety within their group like any other group. But they could not even be labeled a group if they did not have similiar traits. Attention whores will say anything for instant shock value be it something sex oriented or cruel. They will either try breaking down others to make themselves seem more significant or use sexaul wiles and nude photographs for instant gratification. Some may even seem like neo feminist with the snide remark how their dildo can please them better then any man. Attention whores rather have hundreds of accquaintances then just a few dear friends. For some reason they measure their worth by the number of people they talk to instead of the quality of people. Not all attention whores are evil biatches. Sometimes it is a phase of adolescence or early adult hood. At times everyone craves attention or talks about their problems it's just an attention whore seems to suck the life right out of the party and cannot comprehend others have suffered too so their plights do not make them in any way more special then the rest of us.
Wise man say Attention whores have 1,000 people to chat to but none of them are actual friends.
by NightSavior December 24, 2006
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one who is always looking for attention. no matter who their with they always have to talk louder, be more outrageous, and get everyone in the room to look at them.
kevin crusey breaks up with girls that are attention whores.
by three toed sloth May 22, 2005
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a girl who makes out with another girl just for the attention. the girl usually does it when she is drunk as hell or does it to get guys attention.
i swear i thought she was straight.
here she is kissing another girl. wowwwwwww!!!!!
what an attention whore!!!!
by ignapjenkins77 December 08, 2009
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Someone who will go to excessive links to draw anykind of attention on them. Usally tends to be someone of the "loser" crowd. A classic example is someone who will say something dumb puposly to look stupid hoping that people will be thinking" What the fuck!? That guy is a dumb ass." Another example is someone who will stop at nothing to get themselves hurt on purpose hoping that people will be watching.Things to do if you see one is give them no attention at all.
Attention whore* Makes self pass out and bust his head on desk.
Me"Damn that mother fucker is an attention whore.".
by mookie mcbigcock September 10, 2010
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