At this point
I might as well find something better atp.
by Byrdii January 31, 2020
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abbreviation for “at this point
Mom: “Shane, you and your teacher have gone to far atp”
Shane: “nah mom, atp you should be happy we only see each other on Tuesdays and Fridays
by Poopmaster April 27, 2022
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At This Point
I think this blunt is our best hope atp
by Deal The Real January 6, 2021
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it means at this point for the slow people. it’s ok tho, i had to search it up too lol
by imhornylol January 19, 2021
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"All Tomorrow Parties" pretentious music festival for British upper middle-class holier-than-thou scenesters.
"hey, kid, you sure you don't wanna come to atp next will be rad and you know it."
by Posh Gurung May 14, 2006
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1.A professional comic book colorist better know as "angry flower" 2. A very talented artist whom enjoys scotch immensely.
1. I wish I had half the talent of ATP.
by feral urbanite March 31, 2010
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