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atlee, a supreme being with the ability to bang anyone's mom. commonly found in bob's mom's room.
Atlee was bangin your mom last night.
by bobsaduche March 31, 2004
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Atlee High school girls are the ones that roll up to school in the expensive cars their daddy's more than willingly bought them. Yes, these girls may be called "rich bitches" from time to time but their the only girl you'll find that have class, and the confidence to "bitch" at the appropriate moment. We love to drink and we don't deny it. We get the boys but don't need them to survive. We're smart, sexy, and know how to get what we want and NO ONE can rock the mini skirt like we can...Our friends are our friends til the end and no matter what life brings we know how to take it...We may be priveledged but we're not complete snobs, and we don't need or want a handout from anyone...We're daddy's girls, we're classy girls, we're DRINKING girls, and we're proud to say we're Atlee Girls!
No example is needed.....def all true
by Ashleigh January 31, 2005
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are you serious you are the reason atlee has a bad name... why dont you move back up north
atlee is a place where one goes to get good grades so you can get out of the ville and go to college
by graduate March 15, 2005
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A guy that goes to northeast magnet high school and is the world’s biggest loser. Thinks his dad has done everything in the world that your dad has not done. Commonly repeats self and others in a feeble attempt to blend in with the school populace. It has been found that to cure an Atlee problem insults or a slap across the face will suffice. Known as “my bitch”, “brown-noser” and “the military cluster fuck” If encountered protect yourself, it shouldn’t be hard.
"Damn that guy just pulled and Atlee!! I didn't think it was possible!"
by Sir Bobbyo March 14, 2005
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