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Asys are the most amazing , beautiful girls in the world they are there for u when u are down and up u are lucky if u get to meet a asys they are a best friend but sometimes have a attitude if u ever get to date a asys show her love and like her for the way she is she is not a good girl but she is trustworthy and a good best friend I have a asys in my life who understands me all the time she is funny all the time u will go to her to have a fun time she likes to try new things all the time u will want to be with her at all time love the asys around the world cause they are rare
Jocelyn: where is asys I miss her it’s not the same here at school with out her

Genesis : I know she is the one who makes school fun
by Baby._.joce1129 August 21, 2018
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When someone is being an annoying little bitch and makes jokes nobody cares about or gets
Dave was being such an Asy today he asked me if i liked dubstep
by WeebCringe December 07, 2018
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Something being very easy
I've just dropped a 26 kills without dying against the enemy team and it was ASY !
by GguyN621 October 11, 2019
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